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Welcome to Brighton and Hove fencing club. Activity is  Sword Fencing at levels from Beginner to International standard. Members include National and local Champions, European and World finalists within the age ranges from age 12  to Senior Citizens.


The club has both male and female members who use all three weapons (foil, epee and sabre). We also have social events, and club competitions.

Social activities, inter-club matches and local competitions cement club identity and club spirit for members who participate solely for exercise and pleasure, as well as those intending to represent our Club, County, Region, or Country. Some demonstrations and courses are run to provide outreach and popularise the sport and attract new members.


Beginners courses

Juniors 7-8pm

Adults  8-9pm


Next course  12th September 2019


Club Diary & News

Competition News

The full County & Region fixture list is at :

Forthcoming Fixtures

Club sessions continue through the summer at BACA, start at 7pm, through to 10pm. Our lead coach Mark Barrowcliffe will take a break through all of August.


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Latest News:

Veteran World Championships - Livorno - Oct 2018 -Results:

Matthew Chell(60+)-Epee-Indv 51st

Ingrid Heskett(50+) - Epee Indv 5th

Brian Causton(70+)- Foil-Indv-5th. Epee-Ind-24th. Team Foil Gold

If you are a beginner you will need to attend one of our special Intensive

courses covering safety, mobility, basic attack & defence, learning to link these in elementary game play with some simple rules of the game.Fencing equipment will be provided for the course. You bring t-shirt, trainers and tracksuit/jogger trousers (NOT shorts or crops), plus a drink.

Courses are open to adults and children 8 years and over (only with parents' written permission). The initial cost is £60, payable to Brighton & Hove Fencing Club, which covers the  5 weeks.  Places are limited and can only be held for fully paid applications.You are welcome to drop in any Thursday 7.00-10pm to watch the Club in action. Full details, and application form click on link below. YOU CAN PURCHASE A GIFT VOUCHER FOR THE BEGINNERS COURSE, WHICH MAKES AN EXCELLENT XMAS OR BIRTHDAY GIFT. CONTACT MARK FOR DETAILS.

Beginners course details Reasons to Fence _FSC6165 Report & Photo's Club Badge2 Fixture List

SE Region Senior Foil 2019 Results


Andrew Huke  1st  Brighton & Hove

Matthew Chell 2nd Brighton & Hove


SE Region Senior Epee 2019 Results


Brian Causton 5th Brighton & Hove

Sabre Fencer

About the Sport

Fencing is a modern combat sport, possibly the safest combat sport due to advances in textiles and metalurgy. Serious injuries are now extremely rare, but expect some minor knocks and grazes. As a traditional club, we start beginers with the Foil, later you will be introduced to the Epee and Sabre. Most fencers find a preference for one of the weapons, although some of our fencers are adept at 2 or even 3 of the weapons, each of which has it's own rules, tactics and physical demands.


Click on the link below for a longer explanation of the benefits of fencing.

Sussex Senior Indidual & Team Foil 19th May, Portslade.  Entries via